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The Norm Jones Show

The Norm Jones Show announces a new and improved broadcast stream!!  As of August 21, 2016 you will find listening easier than ever.  Go to our Listen Live Page or click the link at the bottom of the home page from 3-5PM EST Mon-Fri to hear Norm live or streaming podcasts any other time!
Talk to Norm live at (231) 735-3846

Live Show      3-5 pm daily Mon-Fri

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To talk to Norm live on the show: 231.735.3846

Norm's email: normjones@live.com
Norm's phone: 231.735.4222
Kathy's email: kathyannjones2@gmail.com
Kathy's phone: 231.631.4136
The Show's Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/normjonesshow/

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